AC 9035 Express Clear Coat 5 Quart Kit



AC-9035 4+1 Urethane Express Clear Coat Gallon Kit

This is a very fast drying clear coat.

Kit includes
1 – Gallon Clear
1 – Quart Activator
Stir Sticks, Strainers, and Mixing Cup

Mix is 4 to 1

USA Made.

Ship to the lower 48 states ONLY!!!!

Due to Health Risk, an Approved Spray Mask Should be Used

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AC-9035 4+1 Clear is a water white, high quality clearcoat designed for larger repairs and complete refinishing over most aftermarket basecoat systems. AC9035 dries fast and retains high gloss and DOI. AC9035 provides excellent durability and is resistant to environmental conditions such as sunlight and acid rain. AC9035 can be buffed to match the original finish after 20 to 40 minutes air dry and can be buffed for several days. With AH-6570, AH-6580, or AH-6590 hardeners, AC-9035 can be applied in a variety of shop temperatures and humidity conditions.

Products AC-9035 4 + 1 Urethane Clear AH-6570 4+1 Activator Fast, AH-6580 4+1 Activator Medium, AH-6590 4+1 Activator Slow.

Surface Preparation, Bare Substrates
Solvent wash surface with a good grade wax and grease remover such as AS-2900 and wipe dry with a clean cloth. Apply three single wet coats of AP-8300 Series Epoxy Primer according to instructions on datasheet. Follow with two to three coats of AP-8020 Production Prime. Surface Preparation, Prepainted Substrates Wash surfaces with a mild detergent and hot water. Rinse with clean water and wipe dry with a clean cloth. Solvent clean with AS-2900 Clean Ease. Wipe dry with a clean cloth. Sand original paint and repair damaged areas with a good quality non-staining body filler. Apply 2-3 wet coats of AP-8020 Production Prime as needed to fill voids and block sand with 180 to 280 grit treated sandpaper. Finish sand repaired area with 320 grit sandpaper using a DA Sander.

For spot repairs, scuff sand area where basecoat and clearcoat will be blended with 320 to 600 grit sandpaper or nylon scuff pad. For overall refinishing, scuff sand the entire car with 320 grit sandpaper or fine scuff pad.

Apply appropriate sealers such as AP-8300 Series Epoxy Primer or AP-8020 Production Prime according to manufacturer’s instructions. Allow sufficient flash times to allow the solvents to escape film. Insufficient flash times will lead to retarded hardness development of the total system. Basecoat For best results, follow flash times and film thickness recommendations of the basecoat supplier. Note: flash times vary between basecoats and are dependent on the shop temperature and air movement. Insufficient basecoat flash time may lead to movement of the basecoat metallic pigments and loss of clearcoat gloss.

Mixing Directions
4 Parts AC-9035 4+1 Urethane Clear 1 Part AH-6570, AH-6580, or AH-6590 4+1 Activator Once catalyzed, AC–9035 is ready to spray. However, for specific shop conditions, AC-9035 can be reduced or retarded with up to 10% urethane grade reducer or AR-2100 Retarder. In cold weather, the use of AH-6570 is recommended, however, in place of AH-6570, the addition of a urethane cure accelerator, such as AS-X99, will speed overnight cure. CAUTION: care should be exercised in the addition of cure accelerators to urethane products. A significant reduction in pot life and a loss of clearcoat gloss can occur if over accelerated. Viscosity @ Gun 16-19 sec #2 Zahn, Pot Life 45 to 70 minutes Recommended Film Thickness 1.8 – 2.5 mil Coverage Ready to Spray 515 sq. ft.ours

Adjust air pressure at the gun to 45-50 psi for siphon feed guns or 6-10 psi when using a HVLP. Use less pressure to minimize overspray on small jobs. Apply 2-3 wet coats at a gun distance of 8-12 inches allowing each coat to become hand slick before applying the next coat. Recoat times will vary with temperature and air movement between 10 and 30 minutes. Apply each coat of clear within 30 minutes flash of the previous coat to prevent possible recoat lift. Recommended dry film thickness is 1.8 to 2.5 mils.

Procedure Before blending the Panel with clear, the blended area must be washed and scuff sanded thoroughly with a good quality wax and grease remover such as AR-2900. Apply wet coats of clear to cover the repaired area and slightly beyond. Extend the second coat 4 to 8 inches beyond the first coat. Begin application of the final coat 4 to 8 inches beyond the second coat and spray into the center of the painted area. Best results can be achieved by the application of AS-2150 Blend Ease around edges between coats. Any dry edges remaining can be melted in immediately by misting with our AS-2150 Blend Ease.

Drying Schedule
Dry times are based on recommended film thickness and are dependent on ambient temperature. Excessive film thicknesses, low temperature and poor air movement will retard dry times. Air Dry AH-6570 AH-6580 AH-6590 Tack Free 6-10 min Buffable 20-40 minutes To deliver 20-30 minutes

If buffing is needed to remove dirt, allow the clearcoat to dry the recommended time then wet sand with 800-1000 grit sandpaper followed by 1500 grit sandpaper. When all 800-1000 scratches are removed, buff with a fine grade liquid rubbing compound followed by a polish or glaze compound applied by hand or machine.

Performance Data
Flexibility Excellent Direct Impact Excellent Chip Resistance Excellent Salt Resistance Excellent Humidity Resistance Excellent Hardness 3H

Additional information

Activator Speed

Slow Activator, Medium Activator, Fast Activtor


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