AUTOBAHN AP – 8099 E – Z Grip Plastic Promotor Paint Adhesion Promoter Pint




AP-8099 E-Z GRIP Plastic Paint Adhesion Promoter- Pint

AP-8099 is a clear adhesion promoter for polyolefin or non-polyolefin unprimed automotive plastic parts.

When combined with the proper surface preparation, this grip paint for plastic enhances the adhesion performance of basecoat and single stage finishes on unprimed surfaces.

It is recommended to prime or seal AP-8099 prior to top coating for optimum flexibility.

Application Surface Preparation Wash the area thoroughly with soap and water to remove contaminants that solvent-based cleaners cannot remove effectively.

Clean area with a good grade wax and grease remover and wipe dry with a clean cloth. Once properly cleaned, the plastic part should not have any gloss and should not feel slick. If it does, re-clean with wax and grease remover.

Completely sand surface with 1200 grit or finer sandpaper and re-clean with wax and grease remover to remove sanding residue.

Wipe area with tack cloth to remove any dust or dirt particles. Mixing Directions Ready to Spray.

Application Apply one medium coat of AP-8099 immediately after cleaning the plastic with wax and grease remover. Allow AP-8099 to air dry 20 – 30 minutes before applying sealer.

Follow sealer manufacturer’s application and dry instructions.

Topcoat with basecoat/clear coat, or single stage finishes as instructed by manufacturers technical datasheets. Note: For difficult to clean and textured plastics, temper the substrate for 30 minutes at 140’F after cleaning and sanding. This may be helpful in driving out further mold release agents. Do not sand after tempering. Use 30 –45 psi at the gun or 6-10 psi at the cap when using an HVLP gun. The surface should have a wet and uniform finish.

Allow AP-8099 to dry 20 – 30 minutes before top coating. Do not apply over body filler or lacquer based products. Drying Schedule Dry times are based on recommended film thickness and are dependent on ambient temperature.

Air Dry @ 77’F to topcoat

Force Dry Flash Time 20 – 30 minutes 140’F 15 minutes

Accelerator; Do not use accelerator in this product.

Fish Eye Eliminator; Do not use fish eye eliminator in this product.

Repairing & Recoating AP-8099 may be recoated at any stage of dry or cure. Avoid multiple coats and excessive film build.

All Kits are Shipped by UPS Ground only in UPS Approved Boxes.

Ship to the lower 48 states ONLY!!!!

Due to Health Risk, approved spray mask should be used.

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